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I'm back
Monday, 13 February 2017 • 09:06 • 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

well i'm back... i many things happen in this past few months. i just finish my degree in UM. and insyaAllah i'll be graduating soon in October. i'm still wondering bout what i should do in future.. till then, bye.

Right now
Wednesday, 3 February 2016 • 07:56 • 3 comments

the picture has nothing to do with my story. it just because it looks so beautiful..

Assalamualaikum and Hi.

i don't know how to start or where to start this but.. i just want to say that i'm in a very bad condition right now. it  doesn't mean my health but my mentally and my heart. everything is shattering right now. i didn't do well in my grades, i didn't do well in my final year project, i need to repeat my experiment, i cannot be having a holiday during semester break, i tend to feel lonely easily when i'm alone. i may be faking smile but deeply i'm tired already. i'm tired of myself. sometimes i keep wondering why everything doesn't turn the way i want it to be? did i make a mistakes? did i do anything wrong to someone? i keep questioning in my head. 

i should be writing my thesis right now. i should be completing all my work. i shouldn't procrastinate. by year i can fell everything is getting harder for me. can i cope with all of this? i hope so. i should. yeah i should.  sometimes i just need someone to tell me i'm doing fine. everything's gonna be ok. but like usual i just kept everything by myself. i might be exploded with emotion right now. haih, what to do...

i hope everything is going smoothly for my next semester, my final year project, my internship, my future. i should be looking up to that rite? insyaallah. with Allah helps. 

till then, Ain.

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Enchanted forest part 1
Friday, 16 October 2015 • 02:02 • 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and hi...
Im in the middle of colouring this enchanted forest.. well i bought this because of the korean drama The Producer...
In the middle of coluring this book..i remember during my young age my father use to draw for me anything that i ask.. i used to think that my father is very good at drawing..since young i love drawing n colouring.. i will enter any kind of colouring or drawing contest.. n my father is my role model.. be honest i miss that moment..that moment when im still a kid. Admiring my dad.. we use to laugh being super annoying..whining at small things..but my dad will always be there do anything for me.. dad is already old..n without im grow to be apart from him..i dont know why..why im turning like this.. im not good at expressing myself anymore..i dont show that i love him in front of him..but deep inside..i love him with all my heart.. my ayah.. never knew that me doing this..colouring this book will get me so emotional like this...

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