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i hate this feeling!!
Wednesday, 21 September 2011 • 03:20 • 0 comments

hello n hye to all the lovely tell the truth, i'm really not in mood rite now...
this few days, i rarely updates this blog..the reason why?? because i'm too busy finishing my lovely "homework"...arr, really2 lovely..n i love it sooo much..expecially my bm homework...very nice sir!!! welldone!!
actually, some bitter bad things happen ..not to anyone, but to me and my classmates..hopefully he never did it again ..because i'm tired of this game..what are you really want, i'm also dont really know..we're not in a military service, please be considerate next time..if u want to give punishment, give it to the person who did wrong..i'm sick of it!! shit..sory if i'm being rude..i have no reason for that...
osoooo, wanna tell you i dont know why this few days, i think that i'm very lack of idea in blog writing...till i dont know what to write..sometimes it takes me an hour to just type this ridiculous entry..hopefully, if u read this entry u will not feel annoy or what..thats all from me..till then, annyo!!

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