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i'm still here..
Monday, 12 September 2011 • 05:13 • 0 comments

hye guys..the title up there just wanna told you that although i will not frequently updates my blog, i'm still here..i will not be going anywhere..not gonna run away like before again..never left u alone my matter what's gonna b in the future..i promise..insyaallah..but, i really sorry to you my blog because i had made you upset with my really BROKEN ENGLISH..i'm really sorry and i mean it sooo muchhh..i'm a malay girl and my language is malay..tapi bukan saya tak nak cakap bahasa melayu lorrr, its not like that dear, i have too..u must understand that my blog..i have to do that in order to make my english i already got my result for my english test..the result was sooooo bad.. i'm very upset..although i'm still in gred A but i found that my marks and my performance is getting down n weaker than before..wahh, ottokeee???? i think from now on its better for me to study harder and smarter than before..i dont want to lose my A's in my spm result..but, at this time, to tell the truth i'm really upset with my result..thats all i can say..hope that u guys can wish luck for me in my spm..i really want that 9A's..reallyyyyyyyy!!!!! so, lets study!!!

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