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wordless saturday..
Saturday, 24 September 2011 • 01:42 • 0 comments

hyepp!! yea, today is a saturday..a worldless saturday because i have nothing to say about..nothing to tell life had become very boring and speechless since i had nothing to..actually, not really la..i have more important things to do such as doing some revision or usual, the lazy part of me is trying to conquer my mind and my body..ahh, what to do??? ottoke?? i really wanna study..wanna start do some revision for my upcoming examination...SPM!! ahhhhhhhhh!!!! sometime i feel like carrying a very heavy burden on my mum always told me not to be so stress about it..but i know, i can feel it that everyone is hoping for me to get an excellent result...but..ahh, why the word "but" is always there when i wanna trying to be good, trying to change my attitude...ahh ,,,remember written in Al-Quran, Allah will not change the fate of a person unless they themselves are trying to change it...yess!! thats, i'm gonna stick with that.....i hope i can be a better person..ok, till next updates..wanna start doing my revision now..haha..(act like i'm very studious person..haha)..till then, annyeo!!

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