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Dream or Family??
Wednesday, 4 April 2012 • 02:37 • 4 comments


hello's 4.4.2012..during this whole day i've been thinking bout something..about my life..i need to choose between my dream or my family..
actually i need to chose whether to study abroad or in malaysia only..the opportunities to study abroad is just fly to jordan and doing Pharmacy study..i really want to be's my dream to study learn to live on my own in others country..
but, thinking bout the time it tooks for me to finish my studies there, and how i should be apart from my family..and plus jordan is in the middle east that is far..i need to choose wisely..and also my mum didn't allow me to go that far..yes, everything that we do need a bless from our parent rite?? i don't want when i go there my family will be sad thinking of me..that's because i never been apart from my my 18 years of my life..i've never apart from my mother n father..also, i think i'm not gonna be able to endure my sadness and what if i miss my's hard.. so, i've made my decision..i'll stay in Malaysia and continues my study here..i hope i'll get the chance to stdy Pharmacy in UIAM...i hope so.. to study in malaysia isn't that bad rite?? i made a right decision?? i wish i am..

i really love that quote..
have a nice day everyone..bye

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Blogger shafiq said...

insyAllah , restu parents tu penting , ala , study kat malaysia pun okey gak , x payah lar p jauh2 ,

eh , sebaya lar kita ek .? hehe

4 April 2012 at 04:17  
Blogger nurul ain said...

r..18 jugak ka?? sbaya la..

4 April 2012 at 04:24  
Blogger azwar syuhada said...

good luck ain..
rezeki Tuhan kasi kau sambung belajar tempat jauh...

ade ..parents kau mesti bangga ma..=)

7 April 2012 at 06:42  
Blogger nurul ain said...

tapi diorang xbg pegy la azwa..sedyh toy aq..

7 April 2012 at 06:45  

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