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friends and friends..
Wednesday, 18 April 2012 • 07:25 • 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and hi!!
so, today i'm gonna tell a bit bout my friends..
today i met my old! no! i mean my friends from the primary, this was my third time meeting them after SPM..actually i'm a bit upset..not with them..there's nothing wrong with them..but i'm upset with myself..because didn't live to far away but i still barely meet them..huh!! you know guys, when u meet all your old friends, somehow, the old memories flashback..the times where u laughing with friend at school, at your young age.....ahhh, such a good times....sigh, sigh!
and i still remember the back time when we were playing together during our evening class,..(maen aci ligan, maen tuju kasut, maen lompat getah..we called that zirapoint..myb??  forgot already..).. and when we have time, we cycled together...
but now, when we met, we didn't cycle anymore..haha....we met and have a long conversation together..full of laughter..wahhh, i'm really happy lorr.. and..this friday we gonna went for jogging together..hehe..ok. thats all for my primary friends..

so, its time for me to tell a little bit bout my  secondary friends...i'm really grateful to have such a nice friends, classmates and friend meet syifa and bff..really complete my life..i love them..
but sometimes, u faced a situation where u meet a friend that u think he/she the best but somehow they are the one who betrayed u..huh!!  and sometimes the friends that u lean on and believe on..he/she hates you and talking bad over you...its really hurt.. i know the feelings cause i've experienced it once..but i'm happy though.. cause i'm still have  friends who supports me..always be beside me..thanks anyway friends..
 we cannot judge people based on their appearance..its the same to friendship..we cannot choose a friend based on appearance..look at their hearts..a good friend lead you to a good life..


and to a friend who once being my friend..laugh with me, hear my stories..but now, u're behave like an enemy....this is for you..

 "kini aku bangkit, membuktikan yang ku tak sakit
dengan segala perit yang kau berikan, kini aku pantas berjalan bergerak ke hadapan, dan akan kubuktikan siapa diriku yang sebenar......" kosong by najwa latif..

p/s: have a nice day everyone..bye..^^

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