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Monday, 9 April 2012 • 10:05 • 0 comments

hello lovelies..its already 10/4/2012..00.31 am while i'm typing here in my blog..i just can't close my eyes..i don't know why..btw, a while ago my friend, anys told me that result for petronas scholarship online application has been opened...and sadly...i didn't get that...ouchhh!! it hurts..(sedeyh dowh..)..ok fine! senang cakap, aku tak layak! damn it!! currently in a black mood rite now..
so, to brighten up my mood again..i go for cuci2 mata to all over the online shop..hahah..(suka tgk ja..belinya dak pon)....
actually i'm looking for a suitable bb cream or primer or maybe foundation for make skin..because i've got a really sensitive skin..i can easily get acne if i'm putting a wrong makeup which not suitable for my skin..i'm also doing a research on a good daily cleansing cream..actually i'm currently using Loreal Hydra Fresh for my cleansing cream..
at first few weeks, its doing good but somehow rite now, my skin became bad again..acne all over n even on my nose..(tempat yg xpnh da jrawat sblom nyh uh..) but on my face except nose, its getting it because of hormon?? huh..i'm not really, any suggestion??
 after looking around..i found this bb cream is intresting..
the price around RM52-RM59
i really want this bb cream..because i've already read all the users review..and it's's kinda different because it's in jelly form..gonna make us to have a dewy skin..nak nak nak!! but unfortunately there's no SKINFOOD outlet in, i think i need to go to Queensbay Mall, penang to get that..soon..

ok, thats all for today..have a nice day everyone..

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