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Friday, 15 June 2012 • 08:13 • 2 comments

Assalamualaikum and Hi! how's well, not so good la..this few days, i've been feeling like having fever..ourghhh!! the thing that i hate the most is SICK!! and yesterday..i feel so bad..feels like sleeping all day but what to do, i still need to attend my, aku pon pegi la dgn muka yg membahang..n i'm the only one yg ashik bersin je dalam dewan kuliah...WTH!! malu kot..tapi apa bley, that afternoon i take my medicine..n i feel better today..yayy! so..the thing that i wanna share feeling.. its different between being sick at home n being sick far away from home..yahh, the most obvious thing is that u're far away from your parents.. before this, when i'm having a fever or mum is the one who take cares of me..concern bout me..but now?? yeahh, she's still concern bout me but i can only hear her voice by calling her or she calling me..and thats make me hurt so much..not physically but mentally n in my heart..yeahh, aku ni ANAK MANJA, ANAK MAK..biaq la.. i'm not trying to tell that i'm still in "homesick" mood, but its just that sometimes when you're facing problems or you're always think bout your parents..jheahh, i need to be more tough! don't cry..but, sometimes u can;t controlled it......enough! i don't want to be more emosional tonite..*mata pon dah mengantuk...roomate tgh study aku plak blogging, twitter n fb.. elok sgt la ain..kata nak hard!! heheh..tetiba!

study! study! like crazy!

p/s: tak sabar nak tengok episod baru WE GOT MARRIED TEUKSO COUPLE esok..yeayyy!!

okay, thats all for today..till then, bye..
have a nice day..


Blogger Azwar Syuhada said...

Ain!! study leklok... =D

16 June 2012 at 00:02  
Blogger nurul ain said...

hehe..thanks azwa..

16 June 2012 at 07:26  

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