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Ordinanary Tuesday
Tuesday, 29 April 2014 • 06:26 • 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

how's everyone doing? well for me i'm not doing really well, as i think..huh. Yeah it has been 3 weeks i think since my last entry on this blog. and during that time i'm at home having my mid sem holiday. well, life would be great if everyday is a holiday. but, lets face the reality Ain, you're here, alone in UM.. no family, no mom,  no dad, sista, and no Adam. goshhh everytime i'm mentioning his name its mean i miss him. how's you been doing Adam?? do you miss maksu?

lols, lets just keep the feeling aside for a while.. actually what i wanna say here today, right now is not about my little feeling.. its about today and the other days of this past 3 weeks.. hurm, during this period i learn a lots of things. if you guys lives in Selangor, you would get what i mean. THERE'S NO WATER EVERYONE!!! and the water only come in 2 days afterwards.. what is that all about?? hurm, i don't really know, but for me as a student i face a lots of hardship during that period. how to mandi lah if takda air? and yes, to be truth i'm a type of person where my mood is easily being influence by the environment.  and i do get stressed when things like this happen.  but, but..this tought me on how should i be appreciating every single things in this life. please, be bersyukur Ain.

and today..i've just finished my test for Introduction to Science and Technology. i hope it will turn out well even me myself thinks that i'm not doing really well.. huh. stop complaining.. lets do better in final. lets create a history again.. for our life itself not for world..too big to dream off... hahaha..

till then,  bye.


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