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Thursday Date with lovelies~
Tuesday, 6 May 2014 • 01:16 • 2 comments

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

so how's everyone? huh, i'm okay but a bit bored. i think i slept too much for this past few days. there's one day after my social engagement field work, i slept for 15 hours. huh.. and everyday, after class i must be sleeping again n at night also. i just don't know why am i being a good sleeper this days..haha.. whenever i open my notes,i get sleepy.. this is not a good sign, final examination is in a month.. i need to prepare myself.

but, wait thats not what am i going to tell today. this post is actually about my date last thursday with my bestfriends that i love soo much since high school. they're syifa and mun. i think i've mention about them in my other post. if only u guys know. so, i will not write that much.. just let the picture tell the stories.

she is.mun..

n here is me and syifa..

me and mun having this for lunch.. i forgot already what they call this. haha

there she goes acting shy all over again..hahaha

this what syifa had for her lunch

we had lunch at WakuWaku. and the food is moderate.. its quite delicious but i think i've taste better food. i think i'm not destinied to love japanese food..haha

look at my silly face. haha

after luch we really had fun like a kid. we played like crazy, laugh together, being silly to each other and i can say that we had a good time together. then we had some shopping and i do spend a lot that day...hahaha.. its okay if i'm with them.

busy with their phones. ignoring me. huh!

this is what i have, blueberry cheese cake

mun keep insisting to take a picture with the cage behind her. yeah, i can say it is a beatiful cage. but i'm the one who is taking the picture, not in the

there they go selfie again. hahaha.. padan muka aku letak gambaq selfie hangpa..  lucky its a beautiful selfie..hahaha
so, thats how i spend my 1st of May. i had a great tea time at The Gardens Cafe, with a delicious cakes, beautiful places, best friends ever... thanks to syifa for the the cakes.. hehe.

till then, bye

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Blogger Nys Anis said...

terus jeles . hehe

22 May 2014 at 07:02  
Blogger ainmokti said...

jangan r jeles2.. mai la kl..hehe

6 June 2014 at 11:16  

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