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This week..
Tuesday, 15 July 2014 • 00:34 • 1 comments

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

how are you people? how was your ramadhan? me Alhamdulillah... its already the Ramadhan 17. how time flies. and its  almost a month of my holiday. i know everyone was busy preparing for their Eid Celebration. me too. and i have to admit this raya gonna be a different kind of raya because i've got a niece. Adam Rifqi. its gonna be so much fun celebrating raya with him. i can tell that everyone love him. my mum was like " bila cucu mak nak balik ni "haha.. and i was like "esok mak, esok Adam balik.."

so, this few days i have been worrying about where do i stay for next semester. yes, i  have  been kicked out by my own residential college. Kolej Kediaman Tuanku Kurshiah. i donno whats wrong, maybe i don't participate enough in their activity thats why they reject my application. then i set my mind maybe i should try another college. so i made an appication for 7th college. then i was rejected again. i never tired of applying again. but sadly i failed again and again. uh, i thought maybe there's no rezeki for me this semester, maybe i should start thinking of staying outside, rent a house maybe. lol. but i was worried enough. and i know my parent also. even they allowed me to stay outside but they do worry about me.

then, till yesterday i didn't make any appication anymore since there's a problem with the system also. well, UM... always struggle with their system thingy. but then i got a call from 4th college, they ask whether i've got any college yet, well i say no. they ask me to apply for their college. and me was like, alhamdulillah rezeki jangan ditolak kan? within few minutes, my application was approved!!! yeayyy! finally! Alhamdulillah mungkin keberkatan bulan Ramadhan. so, Kolej Kediaman Bestari..thank you for accepting me. hehehe

not yet finish. there's more to tell. haha

today, my second semester result is outttttt! what to expect? Dean list? huh, harapan tinggal harapan.. i kinda feel sad with my result. but i think its worth it. with my effort huh? banyak main2 kot.. but never forget to thank Allah for everything.. at least the result is still okay.. still cukup makan even tak dean list. haha.. *dream big* Alhamdulillah. bersyukur.  so lets do better for next semester. Second year as Biotechnology student.  Insyaallah.

p/s: not to forget our brothers and sisters in Gaza, Palestin. pray for them. Pray for all the Muslims in the word. Pray for a better world. dalam seronok kita nak sambut Raya jangan lupa saudara seagama kita di sana. they're fighting for their live and jihad fisabilillah. Pray for them.

           till then, bye. 

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Blogger Nys Anis said...

so cute yg gmba edit ttup muka tu..kiki

24 August 2014 at 22:41  

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