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letter from heart
Saturday, 21 February 2015 • 22:00 • 2 comments

Assalamualaikum and Hi!
how's everyone? these past few weeks i've been through a lot of things. a lot of new experienced that i gain. actually i'm currently on my semester break for a month. usually i spent my holiday at home with family. but this semester i tried something new for me.. i sacrificied my holiday for 3 weeks just to participated in my  residential college project. Karviter. yes it's called karviter for annual teater carnival in University Malaya. 
seriously, i have zero experienced in teater but i take this chance to improve my skills and my knowledge. 

yes, its not easy for me to adapt to these surrounding and with all the people here. everyone was like a stranger to me at first. luckily i have my roomate here. actually, i'm not that kind of people who easily get along with people. i've always have this sceptical thinking that people a not easily approach.sometimes, my assumption is true. a rather be a observer than trying to mingle with them. i know it is not a good way to enjoy this life but i've already used to be like this.  

i've watched many kind of people here. there are some who are very nice, easy to talk with and there are some who i called them "unpenetrable". hahaha. well this kind of people usually being in group where its only them, and them. and its hard to get along with them.  i'm not part of them and i'm not wish to be part of them.

here, i watched people doesn't used to be on time. when the meeting is supposed to be at 10.00am, there's still a people who are in dreamland at that time. the excuse is they hit the bed off late... well, its your choice afterall. i don't mind if they being late for a time or twice but if this things happen almost all the time, it's not fair for other people. 

at night, they always hang out together till 2 to 3 in the morning. its okay if it's for a right intention. to finish their work. but sometimes, its just a normal hangout..bonding katanya. sorry but i'm not used to this kind of things. 

to be true, i'm not feeling comfortable to be here. people can say anything about me, whether i'm not a good member or what, but this is me. i tried to fix with them but... for now i'm just going to carry my responsibilities here and finish what i've started. 

however, not all things are bad.i'm glad to know new friends here. get a new experienced. its really teach me a lot. special thanks to those people who always being nice with me. always here. you know who you are. 

with love. ain

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Blogger anys nadhilah said...

Ouch .. I always be that people who are late ;( but if it a teamwork project, i will give my best to be on time.. Maybe you guy need a stricter leader to warn those who always late or else just start late.. After all, it finish already , congratsss

25 February 2015 at 07:42  
Blogger Aisyah Sukor said...

waaaaaaaa, UM. last time, I was there; pasum. but now, I changed my way to become a teacher.

5 February 2016 at 06:53  

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