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Its okay, Thats love.
Monday, 10 August 2015 • 08:07 • 1 comments

Assalamualaikum and Hi! 

its been a longggg time since my last post. Since i'm on my semester break i have a lot of free time. its just that im too lazy to write. But today, i'm in mood to write. so i'm going to write about my favourite korean drama. Its Okay Thats Love. this drama has been aired last year and since that i dont know how many time i have watch it. 4 to 5 times i think. Why this drama it my absolutely favourite korean drama is because everything about this drama is just perfect. Their actor n actress, the story line, the cinematography, the ost, and the feel that they give from this drama. As said by ji hae soo,  "Perfect, my style!" hahaha. 

the main character, Jang Jae Yul played by Jo In Sung is a writer which has past story about his childhood and Ji Hae Soo played by Gong Hyo Jin which is psychiatrist. they then meet up and the story begin. I am to lazy to summarize the whole episod, so if anyone want to know about the drama, whatch it by yourself. haha. Jo in Sung is one of my favourite korean actors so thats why i can continue to watch this drama. and Gong Hyo Jin unnie is my girls's crush and my favourite korean actress. so its a must for me to watch every drama where she's in. and also there's EXO D.O and lee kwangsoo in this drama. so, its give the colour to this drama. D.O's acting was great despite his first time acting in drama. and Lee Kwangsoo is just hilarious as he is in RunningMan. 

I can say that Its Okay Thats Love is quite realistic compared to the other drama, that why i'm really personally attached to it. How the writer of this drama make the story line is intresting and you will never feel bored in every episod. or i guess its just me who feel that way? hmm.. en every episodes i can learn a new thing about this life. and some of the thing that has been said in the drama are usefull for us to face our life. that why i say this drama is quite realistic. eventhough this drama it rated 19+ but it is still okay to watch and not so 19+. just pejam mata and sambung tengok, or else just skip that part. but the other intresting facts about this drama is the colour that they choose to give out the feel is really great for each scene. the production is really awesome i bet if they can make a good quality video like that. and also the scenery for every places that they go was captured really well and makes me want to go to that place. is Korea really that beautiful or the way they make the video that makes it so beautiful like that? hmmm one day insyaallah i'll go there and find out by myself. hehe. 

one of my favourite scene. beautiful rite..

the OST. i can give them 5 star for this. i really really like all of its ost. and my favourite is I feel you, its okay thats love by Davichi , and sleepless night. the OST just perfectly suited my music taste. it has been my favourite playlist since the drama aired till now.

fav Ost. and on eof fav scene also. first date going back home.

fav couple ever

and of course if we watch any korean drama, you tend to being imaginative about the character and the story. and i'm included in that category. hahaha the character, Jang Jae Yul really fit my ideal style in finding boyfriend and husband... hahahah memang tak lah nak jumpa macam tu.. dream on ain. and Ji Hae Soo character is just so cool. She has been my role model. the way she dress, the ways she think, the way she act, its so cool. i love that character so much.

I guess this is all i can share about my favourite korean drama. no matter what my friends said to me i will definitely watch this drama again. hahaha. okay thats all from me. till then. ain.

p/s : excuse my grammar. yes i know my english is bad. T-T

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Blogger Kim Chaa said...

Dah lama tak layan drama korea . Huhu.
Btw, salam kenal . Rasanya ni first time singgah sini XD

4 February 2016 at 09:39  

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