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Bioteknologi Universiti Malaya
Tuesday, 12 August 2014 • 01:21 • 1 comments

Assalamualaikum and Hi!

how's u guys? ohho, today the UPU result is out eh? i know the moment when i'm checking my UPU result already past like almost a year, but still there's nothing wrong for me to talk bout that huh? since everyone was busy discussing their results, which university are they going to.. so lemme congratulate first to those who has been successfully accepted into the university! yeayyyy! its gettin new round kids.. hahaha

i have been experiencing the same excitement and worry when i first got place in UM. ah, for u guys who still didn't know, i'm taking Bachelor in Science majoring in Biotechnology. why i'm taking this course? since everyone around me was try to be a doctor, an engineer, a lawyer... sigh! me too  at first, my dream was never be exactly that one. i always change  my mind. dah tak tahu kenapa ashik ubah-ubah fikiran ni..haha. when i'm at school i wanna be an engineer, then during PASUM i wanna be  doctor, towards the end of PASUM i wanna be a dietitian, end up i'm taking Biotechnology. what a suprise! tapi bukan kena campak course ok! actually Biotechnolgy was my first choice and Alhamdulillah i got it. and i never regret my decision. because of that decision, i've got to learn anewthings, i've got to meet a lot of awesome people, and i'm becoming who i am today.

Biotechnology in University Malaya. actually many people wonders what is actually biotechnology means? many peole don't really know terutamanya makcik2 di kampung (i'm speaking of my experience). when they start tanya me, Makcik: eh study mana sekarang? study apa? Me: Biotech UM makcik ... and then their reaction was like Makcik: ----------- krikkrik... goshhh, xkan i nak explain every inch of that rite, so just let it go like that.

basically, in Biotechnology we are learning on how we can use a science knowledge principle in order in creating or making some innovation in daily live. (my own intrepretation). if u wanna know more u guys can google it. senang ja kan sekarang nih... so of course, u need to have a basic in Biology and a lil bit of Chemistry, plus Physics and Mathematics... a basic science student must know.

during my first semester, i'm taking 3 major subject which is Cell Biology, Biology practical which need u to work in lab and Biostatistis. 2 university course which is writing skill in english and Basic of Entrepreneurship Culture. and 2 elective course which we can choose what we want, for me i'm taking Introduction to Mterial Science and Introduction to Earth. Alhamdulillah everything went well for me.
In my second semester, i'm taking more subjects. u can read bout them here i've been posting bout that before.  i told you, everythings gonna be okay, banyak gila masa free, haha, wifi pon laju.

so i hope many more people will know and who know wanna learn more about Biotechnology. Biotech jjjangg!!! hehe and choose UM too.. hehe fac sains jjangg!! lah sgt~~~

i cant wait for next semester! i want to learn more!!  create more memories! Insyaallah. and here's first year memories

Majlis anugerah Dekan sem 1. find me, tudung putih..hehe

kasi zoom in sket, biaq nampak muka siket.hahaha

during Jalinan Masyarakat field work

dengan rumet tersayang..afni
bersama kesayanganssss

dengan yana, kpop mates coursemates kesayangan..

first time present sorang2 depan lecturer hensem,..hahaha

thats all, harap tak termuntah lah ek tengok gambaq2 tu.. haha.. till then, bye


Blogger Nys Anis said...

apasl time present mcm xdk org ja. ang present mohong2 ka. hehehhehe. just joking..

btw aku rasa, kalau aku jd kwn kat u, mesti aku pon gila korea..

24 August 2014 at 22:39  

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